Docmap Consulting and Implementation Services

– Best practices for your business

All Docmap Solutions come with an offer for implementation. Based on your resources and knowledge you have the choice of different levels of Consulting and Implementation Services.

Docmap consultants have years of experience in delivering services to companies and organizations of almost any scale, in almost any industry. They will provide you with best practice information and thus not only implement a state of the art software product but also help you to streamline your processes and your organization. Standardized configuration and training sessions guarantee efficient and adequate knowledge transfer.

But no matter if you decide for implementing a fast-track standard industry solution or for a highly customized full service installation, Docmap consultants will be there to deliver added value to your business.

Docmap Development Services

– Customized solutions to match complexity

Docmap® has been under continuous development since 1997. Originally designed for a single customer, Docmap® has been installed over the years in many organizations as a standard to enable, support and improve mission critical operations.

Even though most of Docmap’s customers have employed our standard solutions, you might have the need for special features, adoptions or customized reports. From development of fancy start pages, which represent the different departments in your organization, to complex data-mining reports, which deliver your key performance indicators -Docmap Development Services gets the job done for you.

Customer Service Center

– Support for your mission

The Docmap Customer Service Center delivers support and service through different channels after Docmap® was implemented.

The Docmap Customer Service Center also consults concerning special system configuration and customizing as well as individual training needs.